ATEME Low Latency OTT

Despite the growing popularity of streaming services, reducing OTT latency remains both a challenge for content providers, broadcasters and service providers as well as a major source of frustration for audiences. Is there a way to efficiently deliver lower latency at a large scale while preserving visual quality? Is low latency realistically achievable today in production?

ATEME and Akamai join forces in this webinar to introduce you to the latest developments.

Take this opportunity and discover End-to-end Low Latency OTT with ATEME encoders and Akamai CDNs.
Agenda Time ET / CEST
CDN considerations
by Will Law, Chief Architect Akamai
11am / 5pm
Quality implications
by Mickaël Raulet, PhD. VP Innovation ATEME
11:30am / 5:30pm
End-to-end Low Latency Streaming Demonstration using ATEME encoder and Akamai CDN 11:40am / 5:40pm
11:50am / 5:50pm