Life Ball

Life Ball

The Vienna Life Ball is the biggest charity event in Europe for the benefit of HIV-infected and AIDS-infected people. Behind the Life Ball is the charity LIFE +.

The ball was launched by Gery Keszler and Torgom Petrosian.

The glamorous Charity Benefit is known today far beyond the Austrian borders. Every year, more than 70 TV stations and around 500 media representatives from Germany and abroad report on the event.

One of the Life Ball organizers’ challenges was also to reach out to viewers who are overseas and can not watch classic TV live broadcasts. So it was decided to commission the ETAS with the implementation. The idea was to use bonding systems to transfer the live video data to the cloud, process it there and then immediately play it out via the cloud.

Although the network in the Vienna City Hall collapsed on the evening of the event, the event was able to be transmitted without any problems due to the redundancy of the technology used by Live and more than 200,000 calls were made.

ETAS is proud to support the Life Ball free of charge for a good cause.