Sotschi Winterolympiade

Sotchi Winterolympics

The Winter Olympics are part of the Olympic Games and are held since 1924.

As a general rule, the major sports events in winter take place in a two-year alternation with the Summer Olympics. Only once did the Winter Games take place in the same year as the Summer Olympics, that was in 1992.

The 22nd Olympic Winter Games were held in the period from 07 to 23 February 2014 in Sochi (Russia), a city region with 330,000 inhabitants on the Black Sea.

These winter games were the first in a subtropical city, as well as the second Olympic Games in Russia after the summer games of 1980.

For the Winter Games in Sochi, ETAS High-Tech Systems GmbH was commissioned with the resource-related support of the storage systems of the ORF. The DDP storage systems Systems designed for maximum performance were already tested in a redundant configuration by the ETAS team at the ORF center in Vienna before they were prepared for transport .On site, a team from ETAS was ready to provide support for the equipment and provide support for the editors in the ingest material.