High-performance audio systems are the guarantor of first-class results in the production environment as well as in post-production and on set. Our intercom systems are the basis for a highly efficient communication. For use on set we offer microphones and audio lines and for the finishing we offer highly professional interception systems – with this combination you achieve a top-class end result.



The perfect picture is our vision – but also audio technology is an essential component of studio and production companies. Together with a large number of specialized manufacturers such as Sennheiser, AKG and many more we sell customer-specific audio products. We offer radio links from Teradek and SWIT in different configurations. From Sony, JVC and Panasonic we supply cameras and studio systems with or without a control unit as well as monitors and vision mixers.
With Blackmagic Design products we equip customers who need cost-effective production equipment, cost-effective matrix crossbars and signal converters or normal converters.
Ateme is one of our distribution encoder manufacturer. Sachtler is our partner for tripods and bags, with Litepanel we work together in the light technology business. From DJI we import multicopters and camera stabilization systems. SWIT's chargers, batteries and LED lights are imported directly from China. Insta360 is our manufacturer for 360-degree cameras. Our partner Imagine Communication is the market leader in crossbars, processing, channel-in-the-box as well as ingest and playout solutions.
NewTek provides us with vision mixers and virtual studio systems as well as slow motion devices. With Ardis-DDP, we equip TV stations and production companies with high-performance storage systems. Playback equipment and recording solutions are available from ATOMOS. With INSYS we build OTT and cloud TV systems. Amazon Web Services is our partner for cloud-based processing and storage. As market leader in video transmission over multiple networks we offer all LiveU products nationally and internationally for sale as well as for longer term rentals and for short term deployments.
We also supply transmitter management and workflow solutions from Cinegy as well as video vision mixers from Roland.



So that ORF can organize an even more efficient use of his studios at the Küniglberg, the light stands were advertised at the beginning of the new millennium. As a result of the tendering process, ETAS was commissioned with Systec-Sachter to implement it. Within the project team, a device was developed based on the requirements of the ORF that meets the quality requirements of the… Read More


The broadcaster OKTO relies heavily on innovative products and solutions that are designed to support the economic efficiency of the transmitter to a high degree. For this reason, ETAS has been commissioned to replace, the now aged, but due to the good care, fully functional JVC studio cameras with new Blackmagic cameras, in the context of a modernization process. In this.… Read More


For the Winter Games in Sochi, ETAS High-Tech Systems GmbH was commissioned with the resource-related support of the storage systems of the ORF. The DDP storage systems Systems designed for maximum performance were already tested in a redundant configuration by the ETAS team at the ORF center in Vienna before they were prepared for transport .On site, a team from ETAS.Read More

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ETAS-Austrian Evening at April 10, at NAB in Las Vegas

Invitation to the ETAS Austrian evening on Tuesday 10.4.2018 If you are visiting the NAB in Las Vegas, we would like to invite you to the traditional ETAS Austrian evening on Tuesday, April 10, starting at 20:00. Enjoy a lot of cool music, good food and some cool drinks in a relaxed atmosphere after a busy day at the fair. Read More

ETAS with Partners at the NAB

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Alexander Marik, Robert Frosch, Andreas Halbwachs. Read More

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