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The use of LED technology has revolutionized the light technology business. The advantages of LED lights are obvious: low weight, extremely long life and low power consumption. Nevertheless, LED is not the same LED. With our trading partners we develop highly stable lighting systems for use on the camera as well as for the on-set area or for the studio. Although camera sensors are becoming ever more sensitive to light, so is perfect illumination an important component.


by our partners

As you start to look closer and closer to light technology the more obvious becomes the realization that without the right exposure or illumination the result can never be perfect.
We import chargers, batteries and LED lights from SWIT directly from China. Litepanels is another of our partner in the on-camera and studio light business.
We offer radio links from Teradek and SWIT in different configurations. We supply cameras and studio systems with or without a control unit as well as monitors and vision mixers from Sony, JVC and Panasonic.
As leader in multi-network video delivery we offer all LiveU products nationally and internationally for purchase as well as for long-term leases and also for short-term assignments.
With the products of Blackmagic Design we equip customers who need cost-efficient production equipment such as pocket or film-style cameras, low-cost crossbars as well as signal converters and normal converters.
Sachtler is our partner for tripods and bags. DJI is our partner for multicopters and camera stabilization systems. Insta360 is our manufacturer for 360-degree cameras. Our partner Imagine Communication is the market leader in crossbars, processing, channel-in-the-box as well as ingest and playout solutions.
NewTek provides us with vision mixers and virtual studio systems as well as slow motion devices.
With Ardis-DDP we equip TV stations and production companies with high-performance storage systems. Playback equipment and recording solutions are available from ATOMOS.
Together with a large number of specialized manufacturers such as Sennheiser, AKG and many more we sell customized audio products.
We also supply transmitter management and workflow solutions from Cinegy as well as video vision mixers from Roland. Ateme is one of our distribution encoder manufacturer.

With INSYS specialists we build OTT and cloud TV systems. Amazon Web Services is our partner for cloud-based processing and storage.



So that ORF can organize an even more efficient use of his studios at the Küniglberg, the light stands were advertised at the beginning of the new millennium. As a result of the tendering process, ETAS was commissioned with Systec-Sachter to implement it. Within the project team, a device was developed based on the requirements of the ORF that meets the quality requirements of the ORF in all aspects. In the dimensioning and planning of the devices, was placed on an extremely useful life, this was ensured, among other things, by the highest possible quality in each individual component.Read More


One of the Life Ball organizers’ challenges was also to reach out to viewers who are overseas and can not watch classic TV live broadcasts. So it was decided to commission the ETAS with the implementation. The idea was to use bonding systems to transfer the live video data to the cloud, process it there and then immediately play it out via the cloud. Although the network in the Vienna City Hall collapsed on the evening of the event, the event was able to be transmitted without any problems due to the redundancy of the technology used by Live and more than 200,000.… Read More


In order to provide video content to the owners of APA as a neutral platform, the Austrian Press Agency relies on a cooperation with ETAS. To ensure the best possible video quality, a variety of Sony camcorders are used. A key point about news is the speed at which the information is available. For example, APA uses several LiveU systems, which transmit video signals using patented bonding technology. So several LiveU used in APA systems that technology will transmit video signals by means of patented bonding. In close cooperation with specialists at APA, the integration of the LiveU.… Read More


SWIT can do just anything

SWIT Electronics Co., Ltd. has been on the market since 2004, specializing in the design and manufacture of broadcast industrial products including HD video surveillance, conversion, broadcast, broadcast camera solutions, on-camera lighting Read More

Moving HDR with DaVinci Resolve

Discover how DaVinci Resolve’s project management tools and node trees enabled Farm Group London and freelance colorist JP Davidson to deliver the Amazon Prime The Grand Tour 4K HDR class. Read More

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