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ETAS is Austrian partner of Imagine Communications and has been commissioned with the upgrade, both software and hardware by the ORF. With the services, so to speak, an open-hearted operation, ETAS has put together a team of international experts who have carried out the upgrade over more than a year. Read More


So that ORF can organize an even more efficient use of his studios at the Küniglberg, the light stands were advertised at the beginning of the new millennium. As a result of the tendering process, ETAS was commissioned with Systec-Sachter to implement it. Within the project team, a device was developed based on the requirements of the ORF that meets the quality requirements of the ORF in all aspects. Read More


The planning and conception of the broadcaster has long been prepared in advance of the actual announcement of the start. Several teams of experts thought behind closed doors, with which business model and with which partners the highest possible chance of success would be achieved. As a partner for the technical equipment of the transmitters, ETAS High-Tech Systems GmbH was selected. The goal was to… Read More


The ETAS was entrusted with the planning and execution of the support of all storage systems used by ORF on site in Schladming. Ardis's existing DDP storage systems supplied to ORF by ETAS High-Tech Systems GmbH were duplicated and expanded well before the World Ski Championships and subjected to several load tests to ensure 100% uptimeRead More


In order to increase the efficiency of its internal corporate communications, STIHL has started a project which, as a first step, aimed to simplify communication with trading partners.Training aspects should also be visually conveyed via a non-public portal. Together with STIHL, ETAS has set up a professional studio based on a NewtekRead More


In order to provide video content to the owners of APA as a neutral platform, the Austrian Press Agency relies on a cooperation with ETAS. To ensure the best possible video quality, a variety of Sony camcorders are used. A key point about news is the speed at which the information is available. For example, APA uses several LiveU systems,… Read More


To live up to her reputation for tradition with innovation at the highest quality level, the Vienna State Opera had launched a real challenge in 2014. She wanted to produce the world's first 4k livestream. Verdi's Nabucco was chosen as the performance with Plácido Domingo. Preparations included a large number of ETAS project coordination meetings with Samsung,… Read More


To manage the distribution of TV signals, ETAS was commissioned to design, supply and install a variety of encoders for DVB signal distribution. In addition to integrating into the existing infrastructure, ETAS is also responsible as a service and support partner for ... Read More


One of the Life Ball organizers' challenges was also to reach out to viewers who are overseas and can not watch classic TV live broadcasts. So it was decided to commission the ETAS with the implementation. The idea was to use bonding systems to transfer the live video dataRead More


In order to create a perfect platform for the trainees, in 2007 a equipment of the studio infrastructure was made. In addition to cost-effective JVC 3-chip studio camera trains, a Panasonic image mixer was used. The illumination of the studio was ideally implemented with ARRI studio lights. ETAS is an equipment supplier in the studio area,Read More


On the basis of a cultural offensive by the ORF, was searched for a low-cost option, to broadcast live the summer events in Grafenegg Castle. They didn’t want to work classically with a broadcasting van and a large number of camera people and picture masters, but rather focus on the content. ETAS High-Tech Systems GmbH was commissionedRead More


As a cornerstone for the media appearance, which consists to a very high degree of live talks and studio productions, another challenge was to make the entire equipment portable. The concept developed by ETAS is based on JVC studio camera trains and on a Newtek Tricaster TC8000. A special green box with highly efficient LED illumination offers space to welcome a Read More


In order to achieve the ever-growing community of online viewing in the best possible way, Puls4 relies on the encoding power of the Amazon elemental systems. After dimensioning the encoding performance on the drawing board, several tests were carried out in the laboratory and real conditions.One of the reasons for choosing AWS elemental systems was the ability to integrate them into existing configurations,... Read More


In order for ATV to become even better established as a news channel, the ETAS was commissioned to provide support for live streaming. The goal was to develop a method that enables the station to transmit time-critical content even faster to the sender. As a platform was sought a extensive competitor, which was selected by LiveU. ATV has now the ability,… Read More


To extend the media offer of the courier, the print offer with moving image content in the online area have already been extended over longer periods of time. In the summer of 2017, the development of a separate channel was intensively considered and ETAS High-Tech Systems GmbH was selected for the implementation of the overall project. TheRead More


For the Winter Games in Sochi, ETAS High-Tech Systems GmbH was commissioned with the resource-related support of the storage systems of the ORF. The DDP storage systems Systems designed for maximum performance were already tested in a redundantRead More


The broadcaster OKTO relies heavily on innovative products and solutions that are designed to support the economic efficiency of the transmitter to a high degree. For this reason, ETAS has been commissioned to replace, the now aged, but due to the good care, fully functional JVC studio cameras with new Blackmagic cameras, in the context of a... Read More


The 360 degree video theme is a whole new one. With this technology, it’s possible to enable the viewer to interactively choose his own frame. This creates a completely new experience. The 360 degree systems are based on the technology of taking several pictures at the same time and then combining them with live stitching. The more pictures, in other words, the more cameras, the more complex is this computing-intensive process. With Insta360,Read More

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