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For us, the competent support of our customers is not only a part of our task, but a principle of our thinking. By this we mean the competent advice before an investment in the media sector and also the maintenance and repair after the purchase. Both in the area of ​​warranty processing as well as in the field of repair after a damage caused by the user, we are happy to help. Maintenance and repair is therefore part of the core business of ETAS High-Tech Systems GmbH. Our team consists of highly trained experts who have many years of experience and a solid expertise.



For the Winter Games in Sochi, ETAS High-Tech Systems GmbH was commissioned with the resource-related support of the storage systems of the ORF. The DDP storage systems Systems designed for maximum performance were already tested in a redundant configuration by the ETAS team… Read More


To extend the media offer of the courier, the print offer with moving image content in the online area have already been extended over longer periods of time. In the summer of 2017, the development of a separate channel was intensively considered and ETAS High-Tech Systems GmbH was selected for the… Read More


ETAS is an Austrian partner of Imagine Communications and was commissioned with the upgrade, software as well as hardware technically by ORF. With the services, so to speak, an open-hearted operation, ETAS has put together a team of international experts who have carried out the upgrade over more... Read More

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Insta 360 Pro – so you capture in 360 degrees

360 degree video technology is becoming more and more relevant and mature. The application possibilities are becoming ever more unusual and diverse. From virtual reality to landscape photography, there are no limits. There are only a few empirical values. We want to remedy that. Here are the hard facts about the Insta 360 Pro. It has 6,200 ° fisheye lenses, captures 360 ° videos and incredible 8K and 3D photos. Everything sounds very spectacular and it is. We have been in the range since February and have gained a lot of experience. Read More

Moving HDR with DaVinci Resolve

Discover how DaVinci Resolve’s project management tools and node trees enabled Farm Group London and freelance colorist JP Davidson to deliver the Amazon Prime The Grand Tour 4K HDR class. Read More

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