Syrp Magic Carpet Pro: Slider for Setups

The New Zealand company Syrp is known for its motion control system Genie, which is particularly known photography sector and time-lapse.

The products Magic Carpet and Magic Carpet CF (Carbon Fiber) with a load capacity of 7kg. They are also aimed primarily at photographers. Now Syrp expands its product range and presents the Magic Carpet Pro, a heavy-duty slider for camera setups up to 32 kg.

The manufacturer has already made a name for itself with its motion control system “Genie” in the time-lapse area. Now Syrp is putting a larger model aside for the Magic Carpet and Magic Carpet CF.


The previous products from this range are suitable for a maximum load of seven kilograms. Therefore, these are mainly located in the photo segment. The Magic Carpet Pro carries a maximum of 32 kilograms. Thus, the device is able to carry even larger professional cameras.

The construction of the Magic Carpet Pro is said to be particularly stable as elements of aircraft aluminum have been used. A manually adjustable flywheel ensures, according to the manufacturer, for smooth tracking shots.

In combination with a “patent-pending quick-release plate”, the slider is supposed to correlate particularly well with the company’s own slider engine “Genie II”. The Magic Carpet Pro is also compatible with controllers from other manufacturers. In addition, the setup can be extended by elements in steps of 60 and 90cm.

The variant with 60 centimeters length costs around 1130 euros. The version with 90 centimeters rail 1267 euros and the combo kit with both elements is available for 1690 euros.

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